PCSSD student brings BB gun on school bus

    9:37 PM, Sep 2, 2010   |    comments
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    The Pulaski County Sheriff's office reports a middle school student got caught on the bus with a loaded bb gun.

    Nobody got hurt but a spokeswoman for the Pulaski County Special School District says the student's now suspended and faces an expulsion hearing in the coming days.

    The 11-year-old boy is a student at Northwood Middle School.

    Thursday afternoon, while sitting on a bus waiting to leave, a driver spotted him holding a loaded b-b gun. The police report, released late Thursday night, says the boy told a deputy he brought it to school because a seventh grader was bullying him.

    A late afternoon volleyball practice gets out at Northwood Middle School.

    Parents like Versie Lee-Wyatt wait in their cars unaware of an earlier campus scare.

    "Really here? That's not safe at all. I'm very, very concerned," Lee-Wyatt said.

    She's very concerned about a student found with a loaded b-b gun on a bus.

    "They call it like a target pistol, has a longer barrel, probably about like this," Lt. Carl Minden said.

    Minden with the Pulaski County Sheriff's office says the 11-year-old boy sat in the back of a bus waiting to leave Thursday when a driver spotted him with the gun.   

    "It was out long enough for him to be in the bus behind him and notice what it was," Minden said.

    The boy went to the school office and his parents arrived soon to talk with authorities.

    Minden says the gun belonged to the boy's cousin. As for the district, they released a brief statement, crediting school staff for quickly handling the situation according to protocol.

    "I would say it's a very serious infraction whether it's a b-b gun or an actual firearm it's going to be looked at the same," Minden said.

    But for now Minden says there are no criminal charges against the boy. Parents like Lee-Wyatt feel expulsion is best.

    "Not to let the child return to school and do better safety checks on the students and be more aware about who has what," Lee-Wyatt said.

    Minden says after speaking with deputies at the school, it appears the boy is sorry and understands the seriousness of his actions. 

    While no one was hurt here, Minden says bb gun wounds can range from a welt to a loss of vision if shot in the eye.

    A district spokeswoman says a date hasn't been set yet for the boy's expulsion hearing.

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