K2: Imitation pot sold in head shops

    10:42 PM, Feb 19, 2010   |    comments
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    What is K2?

    "It gets you a high, the kind of high you're looking for," says K2 user Gage Barnett.

    The product has now made its way to the natural state, but seems anything but natural.

    Prepared with a blend of herbs and extracts commonly sold in head shops, K2 is sprayed with a synthetic compound chemically similar to THC.

    According to CBS reports, the product is banned in most of Europe.

    Now that it has reached the U.S., some states like Kansas and Missouri are looking do to the same.

    Officials here at the Arkansas State Crime Lab say the product is fairly new to the state, so they haven't done enough research to actually see if the product can be harmful or not, but do urge buyers to beware.

    "It does have an herbal extract and a botanical product that can be used and what's in it is still up for information that we're trying to determine," says Gary Dallas from the state crime lab.

    Barnett admits he does use K2, but says because of its uncertainties finds a need to limit himself.

    "It's not something I particularly want to do often because it hasn't been studied a lot and not a lot of researches have been done on it," says Barnett.

    According to vendors, it usually comes in small packages and can get pretty pricey, costing a buyer up to $40 every three grams.

    But even those high prices won't stop some from coming back.

    The state's health department says because it is not a controlled substance or has yet to be identified as a health hazard, there's not much they can say or do.

    But they do say with an act by the state legislature, all that could change.

    The key ingredient is reported to have been created by a Clemson professor.

    Dr. John Huffman was researching the effects of cannabinoids on the brain when his work found its way to marijuana users who then replicated it.

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