Siblings in need of a forever family

    7:01 AM, Oct 27, 2011   |    comments
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    • 12-year old Janie
    • BJ, THV's Dawn Scott and Janie
    • Janie and BJ
    • 13-year old BJ
    • One of the aquariums at the Central Arkansas Nature Center

    That's why Today's THV is partnered with the Department of Human Services, profiling some of the hundreds of children up for adoption.

    This week, we feature 13-year old BJ and 12-year old Janie, siblings who want and need a family they can trust to care for and love them.

    They've lived the majority of their lives being shuffled through foster care, desperately searching for a place to call home.

    BJ is a 7th grader who loves to fish and says he'd like a dad who will take him hunting.

    Janie is a 6th grader who loves science and dreams of one day becoming a doctor.

    For them, a trip to the Central Arkansas Nature Center was a delight, with all things scaly and slimy. It was an afternoon of wonder for a brother and sister who've lived their share of real-life horror.

    "My mom and dad were doing drugs," says Janie. "There was one time we were living with our Nana. I went in, and my mom and dad were separating this powder stuff, and I ran out. I didn't run away, I just hid somewhere."

    BJ says "it'd be nice to have a family that didn't do the bad stuff and just did the good stuff instead of always doing drugs and all that."

    Abandoned and neglected, BJ and Janie have lived both together and apart. Since 2004, they've been in and out of thirteen different foster homes. Heartbreak came when, twice, they went back with their parents. Yet both times were pulled again out of their home.

    "When I stay there and trust someone and have to move again," says Janie, "it doesn't feel great or awesome."

    So now, these siblings are hanging their hopes on something great, an honest, loving family they can call their own.

    "I don't want anyone to lie to me, hide things behind my back," says Janie, "someone I can't trust, don't want anyone like that."
    "I'm just ready to find a new home," says BJ, "and don't worry about the past, and just worry about when we get adopted and all that."

    Special thanks to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission for welcoming BJ and Janie. For kids who love fish as much as they do, it was a blast!

    Click on the Arkansas Department of Human Services website for more information on BJ and Janie or any of the children up for adoption.  There are no costs associated with adopting a child in Arkansas.

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