Route 4 Me offers gas-friendly routes to travel

    7:36 AM, Apr 9, 2011   |    comments
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    • Today's Web Report: Routing your trips, cheaply
    • Today's Web Report: Routing your trips, cheaply

    Little Rock, Ark. (KTHV) --  Sure you can walk or bike or car-pool but sometimes it's not always feasible. Route 4 Me is a website designed to make planning your car trips fast, efficient and cheap!

    You can enter up to 10 different addresses on the site and it will calculate the shortest route, complete with driving directions.

    The basic plan is free and there are more advanced plans available for a small fee. The Route 4 Me website is also available as an iPhone app.

    This online service provides the best routing tips for multi-destination trips. Route 4 Me lets you enter in multiple destinations, giving you the most efficient route so you can save time and energy by driving less.

    Just enter in your starting address and your destinations and you're off. But keep in mind, you need to make sure your addresses are as specific as possible.

    If you have a GPS system, you can download your routes into a file to work on your GPS. Most routes are usually 25% - 35%shorter after using these tools.

    Another nice feature of the iPhone app version is that it can use your address book for location information. This is handy if you are visiting friends and don't want to have to manually type in each address.

    So before you head out to run your errands this weekend, check out Route 4 Me to make sure you're saving the most on your gas money.

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