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    Special needs child hoping to find a permanent home

    1:09 PM, Sep 15, 2011   |    comments
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    • 15-year old Brandon
    • Brandon and Sabra
    • Brandon and his foster mother, Sabra
    • Brandon loves the color yellow
    • Brandon and THV's Dawn Scott

    This week, we continue our partnership with the Department of Human Services with the story of a 15-year old boy with disabilities. 

    Adoption specialists say finding him a home won't be easy.  Nonetheless, he deserves a chance, to be loved forever, and he deserves a place to call home.

    When you first meet 15-year old Brandon, he will immediately begin chatting with you, even though he uses a touch computer to communicate.

    "This is my talker. It helps me speak," Brandon says as he demonstrates the way he uses his voice computer.

    He is also in a wheelchair, but his foster mother, Sabra, will tell you, it does not hold him back.

    "He is a live wire as you can see," Sabra says. "He is an amazing child. He loves to be out and going. He loves to be doing everything everyone else is doing. He doesn't let his disability slow him down at all."

    In so many ways, Brandon is a normal little boy. He loves the color yellow and wears it every day. He's in the 9th grade at Conway High School East, and he dreams of one day competing in the Special Olympics.

    Still, Brandon's life has been anything but easy. He suffered an injury at birth that keeps him in a wheelchair.

    Then, two years ago, he was placed up for adoption. Sabra took him in right away, and it's easy to see their bond. She says she would keep him if she could.

    "But I've already adopted three and being single," she say, "I don't have the long term support system I feel is fair to adopt any more kids."

    Brandon understands the reason he is being interviewed for television.  Sabra asks him what kind of family he wants, and he uses his talker to answer "Mom. Dad. Brother."

    Brandon is a bright, cheerful child, and he loves to tell jokes. He hopes to soon find a permanent place to call home.

    "You just wanna smile and laugh when you're around him," says Sabra. "He's a jokester. He is just an absolutely wonderful kid. And I think anyone would be thrilled, happy, lucky, blessed to have him. He is gonna go on and accomplish great things, even with this disability."

    Click on the Arkansas Department of Human Services website if you'd like more information on Brandon or any of the children in state foster care.

    There are no costs associated with adopting a child in Arkansas. In fact, there are government funds available to assist in the care of adopted children with special needs.

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