6th grader in need of stability and love

    6:44 AM, Nov 3, 2011   |    comments
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    • 12-year old Chyanne
    • THV's Dawn Scott and Chyanne
    • Dawn, Chyanne, and her adoption specialist Ashia

    It should be no surprise that after years of trauma, multiple foster homes, and failed adoptions, a child would likely be angry and rebellious.

    That is the case for 12-year old Chyanne, along with so many other children in state custody.

    Chyanne is in the 6th grade and says she loves animals. So an afternoon spent at the Little Rock Zoo is welcome relief for a girl whose traumatic past just won't seem to leave her alone.

    "I think about it almost every day," says Chyanne.

    What she thinks about is too terrifying to share publicly, but it has harmed this young woman beyond even her own understanding.

    "I was scared," says Chyanne. "I didn't know what to do. My mom, she never loved me. And I don't know what love feels like."

    Yet Chyanne still deserves and wants that kind of love, the kind from a mother and father, the kind of love that never fails. The kind that is safe. In state care since January of 2009, Chyanne was recently adopted, but admits she destroyed it. Something she regrets.

    "They said that they loved me, and I was just kinda scared of being loved, ya know," Chyanne recalls. "Makes me just wanna cry."

    But no tears the day we met at the Little Rock Zoo. Instead, all focus is on the animals. The tigers are her favorite. She also focuses on her future.

    "I want to be a psychologist or archaeologist or scientist or veterinarian," says Chyanne.

    A young woman, who dreams of helping others also dreams of finding her forever family, one she hopes understands her in a very special place to call home.

    Special thanks to the Little Rock Zoo for welcoming Chyanne. Adoption specialists say she needs a firm two-parent home who won't give up on her.

    If you'd like more information on her or any of the children in state foster care, visit the Arkansas Department of Human Services adoption website.

    There are no costs associated with adopting a child in Arkansas.

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