Gastric bypass patients keep weight off longer

    5:49 PM, Jan 16, 2012   |    comments
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    Have you or anyone you know gotten weight loss surgery like gastric bypass?

    UNDATED (CBS) -- Many obese patients choose gastric banding surgery for weight loss. It is a simpler operation than gastric bypass surgery.  

    But a new study of the two popular procedures shows gastric bypass patients lose weight more quickly and keep it off longer. Bypass can be more risky in the short run, but research shows there are significantly more long-term complications and reoperations after gastric banding. In banding, doctors put an adjustable band around part of the stomach. It limits the amount a person can eat.  

    Nearly half of patients who chose gastric banding were still obese after six years. According to a new study in the Archives of Surgery, patients also had more long-term complications and follow-up operations than those who had gastric bypass, where doctors use staples to create a small stomach pouch.

    The study found that people who had gastric bypass surgery lost more weight more quickly and kept it off longer than those who had the band.

    The study found that the risk of a deadly complication was somewhat greater with the gastric bypass surgery than with banding, but the researchers concluded that the benefits outweigh the risks.











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