Chris Olsen on tropical plants, changing PH of soil

    8:09 AM, Feb 22, 2012   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (February 22, 2012) -- Chris Olsen from Botanica Gardens always has great advice on home and gardening projects.

    Segment 1: Turning colors
    It's the perfect time of year to change the PH of your soil so you can influence the color of their flowers. The old fashion Mop Tops, for the most part, can be influenced to be blue or pink depending on your soil PH. If want to get that rich blue to purple hue then you want acidic soil. Some of you may already have acidic soil,  a soil test will show you that, but if you don't just apply Ironite or Sulfate. It will take several applications to get that deep rich color. If you want pink then you want alkaline soil. All you have to do is apply Lime. This is the time to apply either product. Then you will want to continue with several more applications through out the year. Make sure you read the instructions.

    Segment 2: Hot new tropical plants with a twist
    Chris loves to find new variety of tropical plants. He's found some new varieties and some unusual tropical plants that will thrive in the Southern heat. Kids love the Venus Fly Trap. Believe or not, this plant is winter hardy. Or why not get the bean plant? Spice things up with new varieties of bromeliads. What about ferns? Chris has some great ones that will make your containers the talk of the neighborhood this summer.

    Check out the videos for step-by-step instructions! And you can always visit Chris at Botanica Gardens, located at 1601 Rebsamen Park Road, for help on any gardening projects.

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