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    UA board considering tuition increase

    6:49 PM, Mar 27, 2012   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- The rising cost of tuition is often a sore spot for future and current students and most people don't get higher pay to help cover the costs.

    The University of Arkansas Board of Trustees plans to meet later this week to discuss a "moderate increase" in tuition and fees. Surprisingly, students we spoke with at UALR seem to understand the reason and need for paying more.

    Tuition increase. Those two little words come with a variety of emotions.

    "I do kind of see it as a negative thing," says Kristen Dickens, a UALR sophomore.

    "I think it's a good thing," adds graduate student Robert Pruitt.

    For students at UALR, the idea of higher tuition is a very real possibility.

    "If it's going toward maintenance to build better schools, more parking spaces, which is my complaint anyway, or anything to help the better university then go ahead. Go ahead and raise it," says senior Arburt Robinson.

    The increase could also help employees with benefit costs and salaries.

    "To help the students, you have to help the teachers for them to be here. Because if they're not getting any benefits from it, then of course they're not [going to] [want to] do better," explains sophomore Deandra Allen.

    Meantime, Chancellor Joel Anderson says raising the cost of an education is never an easy decision.

    "We're trying in just multiple ways, year after year to keep costs down so we can keep higher education as affordable as we can for our students," says Anderson.

    Anderson explains how raising tuition affects the school's bottom line.

    "It takes a 4 percent tuition because tuition is less than half the budget. So when you spread that tuition increase across the whole budget, it actually gives us a budget increase of only 2 percent," Anderson says.

    But for students like Robert Pruitt paying more now benefits more in the long run.

    "When you look at it in terms of the quality of education that you're getting at an institution, nothing stays the same forever. You're constantly working towards getting better," says Pruitt.

    ASU and UCA both say the discussion surrounding tuition is an issue their respective Boards of Trustees will discuss at upcoming meetings on May 4. Arkansas Tech says their 2012-2013 budget is still under consideration and is up for discussion at their next board meeting.

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