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    North Little Rock's Amboy neighborhood combatting crime via Facebook

    8:37 PM, Aug 14, 2012   |    comments
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    NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV)-- In the community of Amboy inside the North Little Rock city limits they're using social media to combat crime.

    Log onto Facebook and search Amboy neighborhood.  There you'll find post after post relating to fighting crime in that area.  Sergeant Brian Dedrick says it's novel way to fight crime.

    "Amboy is out in our Levy area and what they've requested through the neighborhood watch association is that we provide them with crimes as soon as we can after the crimes have happened."

    Sergeant Dedrick with the North Little Rock Police Department says they've agreed to provide the information to help with Amboy's mission.

    "It gives them not immediate information, but as soon as we can get the information out to them. Then it gives them very quick access to a report, suspect information, so they can be on the lookout in their neighborhoods."

    The information is quickly relayed to the neighborhood watch president and posted online.

    Creating a sense of security says  Amboy resident Justin Moore.

    "Makes you feel safer, especially with kids."

    Moore keeps up with Facebook on his phone, and says when he's away from his home he's informed.

    "There's always somebody watching and you know that you'll be protected."

    Sgt. Dedrick says neighbors must watch out for neighbors.

    "Amboy wanted us to get them that information in a little bit quicker manner. It's a good way like I said for us to get closer the community. The community is what solves a lot of our crimes. They are the eyes and the ears of our neighborhood, it's a really neat deal."

    The North Little Rock Police Department plans to use Amboy as their first initial neighborhood for the crime information and then span out to the other neighborhoods across the city.





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