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    Ben Davis shares his 120 pound story

    4:50 AM, Sep 25, 2010   |    comments
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    • Ben Davis - IronMan Competitor
    • Ben Davis - IronMan Competitor
    • Ben Davis - IronMan Competitor
    • Ben Davis - IronMan Competitor
    • Ben Davis - IronMan Competitor

    Ben Davis may sound like your average 24-year-old.

    "I was the epitome of couch potato. I was locking myself in my room playing computer games for 15 hours a day, not getting out ever," says Davis.

    Then his grandmother said something that got him thinking.

    "She said 'Ben, are you happy?' just kind of nonchalantly. And so that night, just kind of lying in bed, sitting in bed, I thought, maybe I'm not happy."

    "I have this situation in my life of being obese where I can easily see what's causing me to be unhappy," he adds.

    So he decided to do something about it and started documenting his journey to a healthier life.

    "I decided to start a website. And I wrote the card 'Memaw - this is my gift to you. My commitment to take control of my life, get it together.'"

    His journey began one step at a time. First walking. Then jogging. Then running, on a regular basis. All the while, ben had his brother -- and his dad -- right beside him.

    "To have someone to help keep you accountable and just to run with is just huge."

    After competing in the Denver and Boston marathons, they went for the toughest challenge for any athlete.

    "We had just kind of progressed through this stuff and eventually we said 'Yeah, we gotta do an Ironman.'"

    That's 2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles biking, 26.2 miles running -- all in 17 hours or less.

    They started, and finished, the Ironman in Louisville, Kentucky back in August -- as a family.

    "Let's run it. And we did, we ran it in. And it was just incredible. It really was the biggest, proudest moment in my life - in all our lives. Just to be able to say we did the iron man and say we did it together."

    Now, 120 pounds lighter, and lifetimes happier, Davis challenges others to just do it.

    "We know what it takes to do it. All it takes is finally realizing you want make something of yourself."

    To find out more about Ben Davis and his journey through his weight loss - check out his blog "Ben Does Life."

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