5 things parents should never say to their kids

    7:16 AM, May 4, 2012   |    comments
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    May is all about moms on 'Today's THV This Morning.' We thought Moms would be interested in this list of '5 Things Parents Shouldn't Say to Their Kid' we found on Shine from Yahoo!

    "I don't care."
    Kids like to share every details of their day, but even if you don't care, don't tell them that. Instead let your child know you want them to share the details later, just not when you are busy.

    "Act your age."
    Experts say this isn't going to help them gain control and act better.

    "Say you're sorry."
    Experts say forcing your child to apologize doesn't teach them social skills. They say instead for you to set an example and apologize for them to person or other child they need to say they are sorry to.

    "Don't you get it?"
    Even when you are frustrated because you have taught your child something 5 times, experts say this is not the answer. Instead, they say, take a break and return when you have a better idea how to teach them something.

    "I'm going to leave without you."
    When your child refuses to leave somewhere when you are ready for them to, experts say don't tell them you are going to leave. You know you won't and they likely know you won't either. Instead find a different consequence for their actions that you know motivates them.

    For more details on why experts say you shouldn't use these terms and other alternatives, visit Shine from Yahoo!

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