Teen's wish of coaching the Oklahoma City Thunder comes true

    12:56 PM, Apr 25, 2012   |    comments
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    OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (CBS/KWTV) -- A high school senior from Putnam City North coached the Thunder Tuesday night versus the Sacramento Kings! Player Kevin Durant and Coach Scott Brooks say Lorelei Decker nailed it.

    Lorelei said that day was more than she ever dreamed of but that doesn't mean she went easy on the team. This was a Make-A-Wish come true.

    Kevin Durant says, "She did a great job. She wasn't shy, came out told us what we need to do better as a team. She said we need to rebound better. She was good, glad she came out."

    Brooks says, "Lorelei was terrific after that last Laker game. I'm looking for assistant coaches!"

    Brooks and Durant say new Coach Lorelei Decker knows what it takes to whip the team into winning shape. Brooks says, "She spent hour and a half in our coaches meeting telling us what we need to work on and we were all listening. She nails it."

    Durant says, "She made me step up my level a little, so she was great." Brooks adds, "She talked about being a physical team, she said we need to do that more, she talked about Perkins needing to chill out on his technicals. She nailed it."

    Wile Lorelei Decker works with her team, her body is working on beating Hodgkin's Lymphoma. She says, "This morning it was really easy to get up, no alarm necessary. Definitely my adrenaline is running."

    At age 17, Lorelei is officially a Thunder Coach for the day, it was her make a wish come true. She says, "I was going through the drills with the team. They let me pass the ball. Just being around them you see how hard they work."

    Lorelei definitely impressed everyone at the Thunder. And get this, she also won a free throw contest against James Harden. He says, "It was a little rigged. I got four more points per shot than he did but I still won."

    Now, Lorelei is the official team captain here at the Chesapeake Arena tonight where she hopes her coaching skills help lead the team to a victory over the Kings. Lorelei and her family got VIP treatment all day in a limo. The family also has free seats for tonight's game.

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